Meet your new best friend: FuseKit's Query Builder.

Gone are the days of searching through your SOQL script for 20 minutes, only to find that you missed a single comma 🤦‍♀. We've provided you a simple UI to generate and execute complex queries, seamlessly.

Build a Query 💪

Building a query is pretty simple – pick the environment, select your object, your fields, add filters / sorting as necessary, (watch in awe as FuseKit builds your query for you 😍), then get that data!

Query Results

On the Query Results page, there are a myriad of things you can do! 🙌 You can directly change the query, or change the environment you are querying. For quick edits, you can edit, clone or delete the records from FuseKit, or quickly open the record in Salesforce. Most commonly, we download the export to review the data in Excel.

Query History 📖

A final tip, if you have a favorite query you use frequently, you can find it again in your Query History. You can quickly re-execute, or you can rebuild the query in case you need to make some more tweaks in the Query Builder.

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