Game-changing comparison tools

Quickly compare differences (and similarities!) between Salesforce environments. FuseKit Compare is as as intuitive and fast as seeing the difference between 🐱 and 🐶 or between 😎 and 😫. Really, really. Leave endless browser windows behind and let FuseKit do the heavy lifting to analyze your orgs, giving you easy-to-read results and intuitive filters for quick exploration of everything you need to know - all in just a few clicks and one window.


Admins use the Object Compare tool to quickly scan configuration in sandbox and production environments. Instead of endlessly searching all field properties for variations, FuseKit finds and highlights that pesky missing picklist value with a simple visual cue. 👀

Use the seamless FuseKit UI to select the Object (or multiple Objects) and then click the Compare button. And in less time than it took for you to read this sentence you’ll have a summarized report of matching and non-matching items. Seeing is believing, so here’s a quick peek at a comparison of the Account Object.

Review Object attributes, Fields, Record Types, Child Relationships, Picklist Values, Created/Modified Dates, and more with Object Compare.


Sure, Object Compare is impressive, but what about Code? Say goodbye to clunky debugging between environments - with this tool you can compare everything code-related in your org. Plus, see the last modified dates and click to Load Diff or View Diff for further examination. Here’s the Compare Code tool in action for a Lightning Component.

Review Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Lightning Component Bundles, Lightning Web Component Bundles, Static Resources, Visualforce Components and Visualforce Pages with Code Compare.


Take a look at the Metadata tool. Just like Object and Code Compare you'll quickly see a holistic comparison between the metadata in your two environments. Think about this: next time you're struggling to identify WHY OH WHY a field is being set with a value in one environment and not the other, you can just zip into this tool and spot the difference in 30 seconds.

Review Global Values, Permission Sets, Profiles, Quick Action, Record Types, Reports and Workflow Rules and more with Metadata Compare.


Get down to the nitty-gritty details and see the difference between Records in your Source and Target Orgs - your Data Migration QA testers will love using this to verify migrated record values were accurately populated in target orgs with the Record Compare tool. You can identify the exact records and fields for comparison with a SOQL Query (even enter multiple queries if desired). Pro tip: use the FuseKit Query builder to quickly and easily create your query criteria (check out the 'Compare Records' button right in the Query Builder.

Well, that was fun, but you can't do much Comparing without multiple environments that you are deploying your configuration to and from. The easiest way to do that (you know what's coming) - FuseKit's Deploy Tools! Head on to the next section to learn more.

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